Juliet Wang


Class of: 2027

Major: Fashion Design BFA

Medium: Tracing Paper, Watercolor, Oil Pastel, Color Pencil, Threads

Faculty: Jonah Groeneboer

Prompt: For the first assignment, we were asked to consider a set period of time within your day - it could be an activity (like a ride on the subway or a walk), a ritual or a naturally occurring duration (e.g., sunrise to sunset) or a metered period of time that you’ve even chosen arbitrarily. Create a single two-dimensional visualization of this temporal experience as you perceive it. In this visualization, consider how your own internal sense of time can be measured, mapped, represented, and/or recorded in manner that reflects your own area of interest and practice via a single-frame composition. How could you map an experience in several different ways based on different constructs and perceptions of time? Would they be image, object, language based?

In this project we were asked to visualize a time period as we experience it in a two dimensional piece. I picked my birthdays, an annual ritual that marks my relationship with the world in the dimension of time, as the subject to document in my piece. I recalled on my past birthdays over a 10 year period (2012-2022) and tried to record memories from each birthdays. I approach my work through a natural, almost instinctual, way in which I perceive and interact with time and memories. With different shapes, and textures I’m able to convey the senses, details, and characters I remembered, then the building up of color to create a visual conversation and translate this through various mediums from pencil, soft pastel, thread, to paint. On the back of some pieces, I superimposed layers of tracing paper to represent the thickness and layers of memories, and made some specific colors pop out through overlaps.