June Bee


Class of: 2024

Major: Design and Technology BFA

Medium: Sculpture

Faculty: Carol Peligian

Prompt: The assignment is called "It's All in Your Head". We are required to make a sculpture using our preferred material in the context of the head. Later in the project, we need to place the piece in a public realm (physically placing at a place and photograph it or photoshop it). The following is the original prompt, "Heads mean many things--- they can be cultural, sexual and social identifiers, created as portraits, busts, totems, etc, etc, etc. We talked about the power of a piece expressed by pneuma, the feeling of breath and the internal pressure that creates a tension between what is to be and what is manifested or physically made."

Head, a physical state that trapped our spiritual state. What will happen if we “free”/”release” the head? An ocean of consciousness? The idea of ONE or ALL? In this piece, I tried to answer that question by investigating the notion of “All in One; One in All”, which is the coexisting time, space, and form of the releasing of the mind. Using the linear material, wire, it creates a directional narrative that demonstrates ONE in motion (shown in the video attached). It is a point where both a start and an end are in the space place, conveying both meanings of departing and arriving. In other words, it is a ONE not ZERO. It existed unlike ZERO but eternal just like ZERO. (Detailed descriptions are attached in the pdf along with the corresponding images.)