Jungao Jiang

Cosmic Tears:The Passing of Life

Class of: 2027

Major: Fashion Design BFA

Medium: Fabric

Faculty: Wennie Huang

Prompt: The inspiration of my theme comes from the astronomy.The distant universe is a field I have never touched. I think it is mysterious, unknown, and a place where people have fantasies about it. If I have a connection with the universe, it must be my constellation, Scorpio. The corresponding planet in Scorpio is the dwarf planet excluded from the planet, Pluto. Pluto is a very cold planet. The temperature is below zero all year round, and most of them are mainly glaciers. It is precisely because the planet is so cold that it is a "death" planet. Scorpio, which corresponds to Pluto, is named by people with negative personalities such as "indifference", "darkness" and "vengeance". They seem to be full of relationships connected by mysterious logic. Because I don't think they are wrong, I think some of my personalities are really like this. I really want to know what is connected with constellations and planets.

The purpose of this project is to establish clothing design by exploring themes that have nothing to do with clothing. When I first started the topic of “Pluto” in Seminar class, it was actually difficult for me to connect it with clothing, but after discovering the ecological images of the planet and brainstorming from the research, it greatly helped me to design my clothing.

In terms of overall design, I think the most outstanding is the back of the shirt and the exaggerated shoulders. I chose artificial leather, which will change color according to the temperature, from black to blue. I also chose a very hard shirt fabric to make the visual effect of the shirt better and more obvious. For the idea of design, the shoulder of the shirt is actually inspired by the goat’s horns, because the sheep’s head represents hell and demons in religion. The sharp corners on the back of the shirt are inspired by the peaks on the iceberg.