Junlin Qiu

Fashion and Culture

Class of: 2025

Major: Fashion Design BFA

Medium: Sculpture

Faculty: Alison McNulty

Prompt: Construct a 1:1 scale representational wire sculpture of your chosen cultural object with accurate proportion using your drawing plan and your object as guides.

As a student of Fashion Design, I believe that fashion is also a part of the culture. The object I chose is a popular shoe from Balenciaga, which is not only the iconic shoe of Balenciaga but also represents the fashion style that people love at the time and the design and culture behind the shoe. Demna Gvasalia’s tribute to and satire of the so-called daddy shoes worn by dads. It’s also a tribute to fashion, the era, and the culture behind it.In the beginning, I wanted to highlight the complexity of the shoe and its layers, so I first used a thicker wire to construct the lines of the shoe, then I used a finer wire to make the joints to stabilize the structure, and finally, I used the thinnest wire to wrap and connect all the parts together. The 19 gauge wire I used was very strong and helped make the whole structure of the shoe very stable. Because of the layered nature of the shoe, I was able to sculpt a structure that was reasonable and stable. I believe that only metal wire can make the whole sculpture a stable and solid structure, on the contrary, softer materials or finer wires are not able to build a stable 3D structure.