Ketana Anekar

Let Me Pick Your Brain

Class of: 2026

Major: Communication Design BFA

Medium: Pastel pencils on skechtbook paper

Faculty: Ginger Levant

Prompt: Execute four drawings in your sketchbook. Fill the pages that are next to a completed sketchbook drawings . You may take inspiration from the j peg images from Week 8 and investigate artists work online. Create a drawing in their style or begin one of their drawings and continue it from your imagination.

“Let Me Pick Your Brain” is an imaginative sketch inspired by Salvador Dali’s “The painters eye”. It was inspired by the eerie eye in Dali’s work, with an emphasis to the idea of surrealism in art. The medium used was pastel pencils on sketchbook paper. “Let me pick your brain” fit the assignments requirements to take inspiration from an already existing work, and build on it through imagination. The idea of the piece was to give in eye in the original artwork, a whole face. Since the eye was crying, the face and opened head was made in accordance to a feeling of pain and annoyance. The hand dragging the left eye down is to show distress and pain. The opened head showcases a brain that has been injured, hence the title “let me pick your brain”.