Kiara Li

Cats in Woodland

Class of: 2027

Major: Communication Design BFA

Medium: Pinewood, Graph Paper, Wood, Yarn

Faculty: Robert Hickman

Prompt: This assignment requires students to use woodworking tools in the woodshop to create two items. The first wooden piece involves drilling 20 or more holes using a jigsaw and filling them with any chosen material. The second piece requires cutting plywood into various shapes using a bandsaw and finding a way to connect the two pieces of wood together using any method other than glue.

Embarking on this woodworking project, I delved into an unfamiliar medium, eager to explore the textures and capabilities of wood. The chosen theme revolved around cats, with the intent of capturing the dynamic struggle of two felines entangled in ropes in a handmade piece. The static nature of the wood intriguingly conveys the essence of a dynamic process. Simultaneously, the second piece features a mysterious cat crafted from gears, quietly observing the audience and evoking a sense of the gradual passage of time.

Reflecting on this wooden board project, I’ve developed a profound appreciation for how well the material aligns with the intended theme. This assignment served as a revelation on how to harmonize design with the distinctive qualities of the chosen medium.

The wood’s robust strength and weight emerged as invaluable assets, providing a secure foundation to anchor the yarn. This amplified the theme of two cats ensnared in a web of threads, their struggle vividly expressed. Moreover, the unique grain of the wood seamlessly complemented the gears, offering a tangible representation of the inexorable march of time.

Additionally, the project skillfully incorporated the slot joint, a technique acquired in a previous assignment. This continuous process of acquiring new skills and seamlessly integrating them into the construction of more intricate works mirrors the rewarding progression akin to achieving milestones in a game.