Kiara Villa

Platonic Solids & Light

Class of: 2022

Major: Interior Design BFA

Medium: Cardboard, chipboard and plexi-glass

Faculty: Jim Osman

Prompt: The Platonic Solids & Light project consisted of creating an original hybrid, inspired by the Platonic solids. The purpose of the project is to incorporate light and create a dynamic between the internal space and the external form.

The project required the creation of a hybrid polyhedron that incorporates light to express the internal space and external form. Initially, the project was meant to be constructed from sheet materials such as wood, plastic, and metal. In response to remote learning, the project needed to be modified for at-home construction and provide flexibility for found materials. As a result, the project adapted to the use of cardboard, chipboard, minor plexiglass, and rope. Although the preliminary materials had shifted, I strived to maintain my initial concept and create a project that provided functionality. The form is contrived of an icosahedron and three modified tetrahedrons, which are then stitched together with thread gathered from an unraveled rope. The stitching provides structural integrity while simultaneously allowing the internal light source to distribute light out of the polyhedron’s seams. Additionally, the bottom of the icosahedron includes a plexiglass window and the modified tetrahedrons are hole punched- allowing the light to disperse from under the form in a luminous glow. Functionality is produced through the construction of hardware that is made entirely from paper, chipboard, and masking tape. The creation of a hinge and swing lock mechanism transforms the piece from conceptual to functional by allowing access to the internal light source and form.