Kloe Tucker


Class of: 2024

Major: Communication Design BFA

Medium: Video

Faculty: Leigh Davis and Marina Blitshteyn

Prompt: The prompt for this project used the idea of "Voice" to create a short video. It was fairly open ended, and we were able to interpret the prompt however we felt necessary.

For this piece, I used a voicemail from my Grandmother who recently passed. Each frame is a still from places you could typically  nd her. I revisited these spaces and gave them life again while wearing a jacket that she owned and passed down to me. The use of color and desaturation shows my process of how I dealt with loss; slowly. I incorporated dance as a way to show that I was, and still am, grieving. Although, as time passes I understand that this is simply what happens when dealing with loss. The voice can hold memories, stories, and time, depending on how you use it. The goal was to create a meaningful meditation on the idea of loss through spaces, sound, and gestures with dance as a tribute for my Grandmother.