Kmara Royster

Kmara's Korners

Class of: 2027

Major: Fashion Design BFA

Medium: Mixed Media

Faculty: Naika Colas

Prompt: Research various materials and patterns - creating a portfolio of sources. Visit a fabric store or material closet on campus for 10 swatch collections. (Swatches are free). Create 3 collages using PIECES of your fabric swatches placing these materials onto a white sheet or board using an adhesive of your choice. Write 1 paragraph beneath each collage or on the opposite side of the sheet that explains your research, images, and material choices.

When it comes to art I feel certain things almost like obsessions, compulsions, or just genuine feelings. They don’t always come to fruition so chances I have to do so I take, this Bridge being one of them. Sometimes I see something in my head and then later try to find it online and I simply can’t. I’ll think of or “remember” a concept and believe I’ve seen it before but I haven’t, it’s really just a mental amalgamation of things I’ve seen to fit into myself and what I want/ what I’d like to see. This trilogy of works is no different, the images I created with fabric are parts of other art pieces I’ve thought of and haven’t been able to bring to fruition here at Parsons or simply an image, or idea that I think I’ve seen, but haven’t so I took the initiation to create it.