Lea Belon


Class of: 2021

Major: Fashion Design BFA

Medium: Plaster

Faculty: Carolyn Salas

Prompt: Body as Form, Body as Memory: Create a plaster sculpture that has a relation to the body. Investigate the material properties of plaster through an experimental process of testing the characteristics and limits of the material.

My intention is to uncover the eyes of viewers, driving them to acknowledge the presence of silence upon their realization of how important is to have a tongue, the element that help humans survive and how we cannot take it for granted. My piece of work is a way to evoke the visual representation of silencing the
voice and its connotation. It produces a sense of curiosity, and making the audience ask these questions: why are the hands paralyzing the tongue? What would happen if that voice spoke? Who would be affected if that voice said what it has to say? Which is the interest in forcing silence so aggressively? Keeping the viewer interested on what it needed to say. Thus allowing viewers to visualize the hands holding on to the tongue first conveying that they have the power or the authority to order silence, then moving to learning about why that symbolizes the presence of absence through understanding the value of expressing words and the fleshy organ and its essential functions. The tongue is vital for chewing and swallowing food, as well as for speech. Therefore, without it we can’t express your emotions trough words or feel any sensations of food or affection. I want to challenge the viewpoints of viewers and let them ponder on else wise, as is the intended purpose of this body of art.