Luca Caracciolo

Drip Irrigation Herb Box

Class of: 2024

Major: Architectural Design BFA

Medium: Woodworking, Gardening & Photography

Faculty: Beau Bree Rhee

Prompt: For this assignment, we were prompted to use the knowledge we had gathered during this class and create, continue or solve an issue regarding either sustainability or a past project.

For this project, I decided to continue on one of my previous works from this class involving the germination of small herbs and the fabrication of biodegradable pots. A few issues arose during that project, being the size of the pots and my inconsistent watering schedule. This lead me to design a larger environment for these plants to live within as well as the integration of a drip irrigation system. This would allow for the plants to have much more space and the soil to be consistently saturated with the right amount of moisture. Additionally, I wanted to avoid consuming during the creation of this project, so I attempted only using salvaged or recycled materials. The pressure-treated wood I used for the box was being thrown away at my local hardware store and the inner lining of the drip irrigation system is made from recycled water bottles. This would also remain consistent with the ideals from my previous project given the pots were made of recycled paper and I harvested the seeds myself at the end of last season. The final outcome was a wooden box measuring roughly 1′-7″ x 8″ x 8″ that currently houses three basil saplings and a single maple sapling with detachable drip irrigation systems.