Luca Caracciolo

11 Montague

Class of: 2024

Major: Architectural Design BFA

Medium: Charcoal/Sketch/Photoshop

Faculty: Jeanne Marie Wasilik

Prompt: The intention of this project was to create a collage using a historical location that had significance to both myself and others. Once a location was chosen we were assigned with the task of sketching and conducting research on the location. Finally, once sketches, photos and research were gathered, we were to assemble a collage with all of these components to utilize skills with photoshop and to workout out issues of composition.

For my Project I choose Brooklyn Heights because I associate this location with the feeling of home. The old brownstone where I was born is located on 11 Montague Terrace and the water front is about a two minute walk from there. I wanted to incorporate all of these aspects as well as the significance that the two beautiful wooden doors had for me as a child and as I grew up. I’ve always felt that this location was an anchor point for me in New York and I’ve always found myself returning. I even still keep in touch with the landlords who often let me stay when visiting New York.

The door is in the sky, to signify it’s importance to me personally. The skyline is made of Charcoal and the water is made from the edited stoop image from the front of the old brownstone.