Lucas Hsu

How to Peel a Mandarin

Class of: 2027

Major: Communication Design BFA

Medium: Mixed Media Sculpture (Paper, Tracing Paper, Wire, Tape)

Faculty: David Thonis

Prompt: To transform a found object(s) into a sculptural piece.

To peel a mandarin is a habit. It is a repeated, daily process: to come home from school and peel a mandarin. This sculpture encapsulates this ritual which I had carried through both time and space, and to materialize the physical and emotional processes that occur when peeling a mandarin. The sculpture is interactive. The viewer can physically peel the skin of the mandarin, constructed of scans of mandarin peel and packaging. The viewer can also emotionally experience my interpretation of peeling a mandarin by reading the instructions plastered over the skin. In the end, the viewer will have a comprehensive understanding of how I approach the act of peeling a mandarin.