Lucas Hsu


Class of: 2027

Major: Communication Design BFA

Medium: Deck of Cards - Ink on Rice Paper and Vellum; Instruction Manual - Copy Paper, Vellum, String; Box - Ink on Bristol Paper and MDF

Faculty: Matthew López-Jensen

Prompt: To create a conceptual deck of cards, along with an instructional manual and a box.

The concept and design of my deck were inspired by the hyper-fixation of things I saw and felt moving to New York City, my awareness heightened by the concept of transfer – change, juxtaposition, turbulence. These objects and emotions I experienced are reflected in the meanings of the cards, which are written in the instruction manual. The visual language of my deck approaches transfer through letterforms, specifically Chinese characters, and how I could juxtapose ideas of familiarity and unfamiliarity. For each card, I took a Chinese character that reflected the meaning of the card, deconstructed the strokes based on the Eight Principles of Yong, and then reconstructed the strokes into imagery that reflected the meaning of the card – creating visual juxtaposition. The objective and familiar Chinese characters turn into abstract forms to be questioned, similar to how I saw objects on the street or felt conflicting emotions moving to New York City – with a curious, questioning eye. The manual is also fully bilingual, and for the definitions I used double-sided printing on vellum paper so both languages would appear on the same page.