Lukas Shao

Object Identity

Class of: 2027

Major: Fashion Design BFA

Medium: Charcoal on craft paper

Faculty: Andrea Katz

Prompt: The project is based on material culture (an object) that relate to memories or experiences that shifted your view towards the world and who you are. The project is constructed using any 2-D materials and any media of your choice may be used.

My chosen ‘spirit object’ are Random Identities pants I bought a few years ago at a time when I was still getting into fashion, but back then, I felt like I had not found my style yet. They are black track pants made from a polyester knit fabric, but appear formal enough to wear at formal events. They are also extremely long because they were designed to be worn with tall-heeled boots. This design taught me the versatility garments can have. I chose them for this project because they revolutionized my style and rekindled my interest in fashion at a moment when I was unsure how to advance my relationship with fashion. Firstly, I thought to draw them in a way that exhibits the way they drape on the body, as if they were being worn. I would use charcoal to show the dynamic nature of the fabric. Eventually, I realized that the drawing could be more than a visual representation of the pants’ impact on me. By extending the pants to be longer than they are in reality, I would be exaggerating the qualities that make me like them so much. Also, half way down the legs, I switched from drawing them as if they were being worn by my legs to them laying flat on the ground. This transition symbolizes the impact the pants had on me, causing my ‘stagnant’ style to become active and exploratory, and re-kindling my interest in fashion. As a finished product, the long sheet of paper carries the half and half, exaggerated two-dimensional version of my pants, with generally accurate proportions aside from the length. Creating this piece caused me to appreciate it more, as I had to study to reproduce it accurately enough on an accurate scale. Dimensions: 3 x 8 ft.