Marcia La Vecchia Galan

Detachable Evolution

Class of: 2025

Major: Fashion Design BFA

Medium: Fabric

Faculty: Michelle Nahum-Albright

Prompt: Produce and present to the class a wearable or fashion communication piece (for example: a magazine) demonstrating clothing as an expression or clothing as communication.

For this project, I investigated how Tango influences dress and how dress influences the feelings evoked through it. My focus is on the evolution of the Tango dress over time and how it imparts and provokes. A garment can effectively bring out sentiments, for example, the Tango dress does while coordinating with the attributes of the dance, which is erotic, enthusiastic, passionate and personal. Dissimilar to the first version of the dress, the modern one has got an open back, a long slit, decorative ornaments and no sleeves. This design is a portrayal of what the dance summons and obviously epitomizes how an article of clothing adds to the comprehension of different things. I made a detachable dress that, while being dismantled, shows an evolution between the first version of the Tango dress and the most modern one. To sew the dress and make a precise portrayal of it, I researched the attributes of the dress through time: its color, fabric, and design. I also had to cautiously decide which fabric to use because, since it was going to be two dresses in one, I had to use a fabric that could have been used both in the 1900’s and in the present. I created different layers, including: the dress, a shirt which goes on top of the dress, a belt, a skirt, and the fringes. I added a zipper in the front of the dress for it to open and form a slit when the skirt is removed. The back is also open to show the sensuality of the garment. The dress, the skirt, and the fringes, have got velcro attached to them so that one layer can be detached and the garment can transform, giving many uses to one single piece and showing evolution through fashion.