Marcus Corugedo


Class of: 2025

Major: Fine Arts BFA

Medium: Acrylic on Bristol

Faculty: Heidi Neilson

Prompt: Our prompt for this assignment was to choose a selfie and use the grid method to create our portraits. We were also required to integrate text in any way.

I used this piece to represent the current state of mind at the time. This transitional period of my life is quite hectic and at times, easy to get lost in. This is why in the background, I repeatedly wrote “Wait a minute, this is real? I am here?” I wanted the paint to be transparent at times, partially revealing the grid I had used. This was done to represent how at times, I feel like a skeleton of the person I once was. The seminar portion of the assignment helped me find the true meaning of the selfie I chose. We were directed to choose a set of pictures and write a description about them, but we couldn’t describe what was happening in the picture. Leaving me to dwell on what was running through my mind.