Marian Kao

Start Building

Prompt: Showing the process of constructing and deconstructing of Utopia by making it into a Gif.

The first step of this project is to talk with our classmates and discuss how does our desire Utopia looks like, then we will exchange each other’s thoughts, and construct the Utopia based on the idea you received from others. My partner imagines her Utopia as a better version of New York City that has better transportation, with the main color palette of using blue and yellow. I choose to cooperate the constructing blocky theme with the recipe like concept to show the process of how my Utopia had constructed and destructed. The entire Utopia is been constructed by using 3D shapes that are created in Illustrator. I control the use of color to keep it most blueish with some yellow in it and to make a train cross through the screen at the end to match the requirement of the transportation. After making these objects, I pasted them into Photoshop for creating frames, to express the sense of construction and deconstruction throughout this gif.