Mariel Gomberg


Class of: 2027

Major: Illustration BFA

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Faculty: Krista Johansson

Prompt: Create a work inspired or related to the material of Baroque. How we see Baroque through our eyes.

For my work, I got inspired by all the baroque still-life painters. I tried to incorporate the symbols they had, such as fruits and metal. Fruits such as grapes symbolize lust, lemons symbolize a sign of wealth or long life, and mirrors symbolize your soul. In my artwork, you can see my reflection. That was inspired by Clara Peeters Flowers and Gold Goblets. She painted a self-portrait in the goblet, so I did the same in the chalice. I also incorporated the dark background that baroque painters had in their paintings for high contrast. To add, I painted with oils and painted the still life realistically as a baroque painter would. I also added a wine bottle to show that it was painted in modern times while still using baroque techniques.