Mateo Perez


Class of: 2025

Major: Communication Design BFA

Medium: Plywood Model

Faculty: Alison McNulty

Prompt: Create a concept model for an inhabitable space that focuses on a specific activity. My activity was reflection.

The activity my structure is meant to facilitate is a space for reflecting. I intend for the space to go hand in hand with nature and for the viewer/audience to have a moment for themselves and nature to fully ponder about our image and existence on this planet. I intend for the audience to be fully immersed into my structure and reflect. I love nature. Nature has always been a part of my life and it’s something that’s constantly around us. It’s the principle of design and beauty. I wanted Nature to be embedded and in mind while working on my structure. My structure is a receptacle of culture as it’s able to hold a frame for nature to thrive and move through the middle. However, it also promotes the creation of culture since it’s made of eco friendly materials that can easily be reclaimed by nature if that’s what’s supposed to happen. The shape of my model contributes to this atmosphere as it’s similar to the shape of whale tails and waves found in water. Water has a very peaceful yet strong characteristic and it offers life. In a similar way the opening in the middle of my model is a frame/window for viewers to either appreciate whoever or whatever is on the other side but also for the wind and air to pass through. It’s created this way so that there’re no interruptions for nature and its path. In addition to the creation of the atmosphere, the choice of material is very important. In order for this model to stay true to nature and fully be adaptable if needed, I wanted this model to be made out of an environmentally friendly material. I want this structure to engage and coexist with nature rather than compete or disrupt nature.