Max Giesecke

"...and eye followed suit"

Class of: 2024

Major: Fine Arts BFA

Medium: Film

Faculty: Wendy Letven

Prompt: The assignment was to either use a prompt provided or develop our own prompt regarding the idea time. I chose entropy as my own prompt.

Taking reference from Tom Sachs’ video work, The Eric Andre Show, my manifesto initiating a Destructionism movement, and the performance art of Jackass, I created a film about beauty in destruction.

The main goals of the project were to visually accelerate entropy, create a social record of cathartic destruction, create a bond between creators through a destroyed object, and attempting to turn destruction into a form of creation.

As I have been trying to argue for years now, anything is a canvas and any implement of destruction can be used to impact said canvas. Dirt caked onto a suit is just as legitimate as pencil on paper.