Meiyi Chen

Green Fever

Class of: 2026

Major: Illustration BFA

Medium: Laser-cut plexiglass with other material jewelery

Faculty: Alaiyo Bradshaw

Prompt: Design jewelries for assigned partners, based on their personal preferences.

My partner wears delicate and small jewelry with timeless and simple designs, and her color preferences for them are usually silver, but her favorite color is green. It is very challenging for me to design this piece of jewelry since my art style is more of the freeevolving- wilderness kind, completely different from Jamie’s vibes; and I have always had problems with making well-plotted sketches, normally ended up ruining everything but for my lovely partner I’m still willing to take the gamble anyways. As the result, I created her five charms that are attachable to any chains my partner preferred. The goldfish charm took the longest time to revise since it is designed to be the most delicate piece and the most outstanding one. Jamie’s favorite animals are Goldfishes! The Lucky Clover represented Jamie’s favorite color green, and it also contained my best wishes for Jamie. The Music Notes indicate that Jamie’s favorite thing to do for leisure is listening to music. She listens to all kinds of music, so I made a very comprehensive symbol for music and designed the compositions to be attached interestingly. The Aries Sign represented Jamie’s Zodiac Sign. To me, it also represented the balanced energy between hopes and dreams when the shining star is there, I hope that Jamie’s dream, whatever that is, could come true one day when she takes each of her footsteps forward. The Rain Drops represented Jamie’s love for nature. In its design it also represents that as girls we are gentle and kind from the outside (with the rounded shape of raindrops), but our inner selves is as tough as diamonds (straight lines), which had once hurt us deeply but are now overcame, are what made us shine.