Melanie Calabrese

Welcome To the Effects of Global Warming...

Class of: 2024

Major: Integrated Design BFA

Medium: Acrylic Paint

Faculty: Beata Szpura

Prompt: For our Final Project for Drawing/Imaging, we were asked to make a series of posters on any theme that we were passionate about or wanted to shed light on.

When we were first assigned this project I had many ideas on what to do but after thinking about each one I chose a subject I wanted to shed more light on. This semester I am also in Sustainable Systems with Professor Kennedy and I have learned so much from him in such little time. He allowed me to open my eyes to the drastic changes happening in our country and the rapid effects that are coming with it. So for this project I wanted to dedicate my posters to a theme that needs to be talked about more. Usually, when you see a state poster or a welcome sign it shows a perfect picture of the state and its natural beauty. Yet, I wanted to show the truth, the true natural disasters that are happening more and more often due to the increasing rates of global warming.