Minxi Chen

Save Me

Class of: 2021

Major: Communication Design BFA

Medium: Video

Faculty: Simona Prives

Prompt: We begin with a single frame: a moment in time. Work with variables from this starting point such as movement, progression, or space to create experimental stories in a variety of forms such as graphic novels, montage, visual language, and book arts. This project was for us to learn Rotoscoping, which is a technique that is used to trace over motion picture footage frame by frame.

There was an article written by a patient with depressive disorder, and he writes in the article that what people say to him the most is that he does not look “depressed” in daily life and he acts like everyone else. However, most patients who suffered from depressive disorder are able to maintain a stable condition when they are with people, and not everyone would notice that they are actually sick. Hence, I tried to present the internal struggle of a person who is depressed in my animation using the Rotoscoping technique that we learned in class.

There are two backgrounds, white and dark gray, each representing the external behaviors of the person with depressive disorder when he is with the other and the internal struggle he has that came out without warning. The switching of the background represent different moods and conditions. I tried to visualized the person’s mind when the passive emotions appear using the abstractive and symbolic images.