Munju Kim

Infinite Space Installation

Class of: 2023

Major: Strategic Design and Management BBA

Medium: A combination of multiple media

Faculty: Kate Teale

Prompt: Propose and design a memorial for a subject and site anywhere of your choosing. It can be of any size, format, or duration including installations, performance pieces, films, etc. Professor suggests that the location be virtual, but it can be local if you can go out, or as local as your room or apartment if you choose.

I use one room in Arko Art Center and set up an infinite space installation. For prospective amateur artists visiting Marronier Park and Arko Art Center, I would like to let them know that this is a place that brings infinite possibilities. So I wanted to borrow space and design it through the lights and square frames that give a cosmic feeling to express cosmic infinity. I made an infinite space installation that which shows constantly with the names of artists who are now experts in their field who were active in Marronier Park. As people explore the space I set up, I want to show the names of those who have grown as professional artists through this place and let people know. All of it ties to use neon blue lighting with wires, mirror papers, and white screen papers.