Nadya Suwarno

Mapping Time

Class of: 2027

Major: Design and Technology BFA

Medium: Mixed Media

Faculty: Jonah Groeneboer

Prompt: Creating a single two-dimensional visualization of a daily temporal experience as we perceive it.

“One’s end becomes another’s beginning”.

As time passes, the occurrences in our surroundings tend to slowly fade from our perception. Time is a rather complex topic that can string on endlessly. From a young age, I’ve grown a habit of collecting things along my journeys. From small sized rocks, dried flowers, ribbons to jackets. These collections become my belongings – a way for me to collect memories I value – good or bad. Mapping Time visualizes my ways of perceiving time as objects and objects as memories.

Frequently, we fail to appreciate these happenings and overlook their significance. Time enhances the worth of objects. This encompasses features like texture, color variations, flavor, fragrance, and the historical background of these objects. These aspects undergo transformation through weathering, modification via oxidation, and are sculpted by the relentless march of time. Observers can discern how time imparts intricate details to them, enhancing their distinctive character and essence. Surrounded by these “objects”, I feel invigorated. It’s as if I’m engaging with cherished friends, ones with whom I hold memories and take pleasure in having them in my environment. Each time I lay my eyes on them, they bring me back to those moments when our bonds were formed.