Nalyeong Kim

If Kevin were to appear in a children's book

Class of: 2027

Major: Communication Design BFA

Medium: Adobe Photoshop

Faculty: Catherine Teale and Ron Caldwell

Prompt: Making a double portrait of each other in black and white with the subject of memory

Created a portrait of Kevin as a poster. Used various materials such as ink blowing, pen, pencil, paints and Photoshop. This is a piece of mix media and a combination of Photoshop which makes my piece very unique. This piece gives out a children’s book illustration style and also, gives out a very nostalgic feelings towards the audience. Used pieces of texts from my Seminar essay and used practices of ink blowing from Studio class. With the poster created, used Photoshop to show different styles and added all the different styles of poster into one piece for my final work.