Nicole McAllister


Class of: 2027

Major: Fashion Design BFA

Medium: Digital & beaded (mix media)

Faculty: Warren Bradley

Prompt: Our final project prompt was: the best fashion illustration you have ever done. This prompt allowed every student including myself to get very creative and involve a sense of their own personal style into their fashion illustrations.

Whenever I get free time the first thing I do is open my sketchbook, grab my color pencils, and begin to draw shapes and patterns. These designs tend to have a lot of colors and vibrate to them, so for my final project I thought it would be very interesting to merge what I do in my free time, with what I had learned all semester. I digitally drew two female fashion figures, and incorporated my designs and prints within the garments they were wearing. After adapting it in photoshop how I liked it, I printed my image and decided to include some beads on top of my fashion drawing. This all came out very nicely since I felt it identified my personal artistic style with the lessons learned in class.