Nina Chung

Empress Scorpion

Class of: 2024

Major: Illustration BFA

Medium: Wire, cord, crown

Faculty: Aviva Maya Shulem

Prompt: Create a personal exoskeleton that emphasizes protection of the body. The exoskeleton is an extension of who we are; the exoskeleton is a part of our senses and how we experience life. Use linear materials (wire, strips of cord, etc.) to build your piece.

My goal with this piece was to emphasize the idea of deception and how deception surrounds us as a society. I included motifs such as black lace and strong cord to represent both strength and elegance throughout my piece. I chose to wrap every piece of wire with cord to create a more subtle shine throughout the crown.

The main part that helped my process with this project was to research both an animal and a word that I could reference when building the crown. I took a lot of inspiration from the Emperor Scorpion, which is a beautiful scorpion who’s exoskeleton is black and red, which helped me decide how to shape my pieces and revolve my colors around. This was crucial to create the pieces of the crown that used geometric shapes.