Ningyi Rui

The butterfly child

Class of: 2025

Major: Design and Technology BFA

Medium: Chipboard, rope

Faculty: Aviva Shulem

Prompt: Students will develop a 3D object/artifact during the next five weeks, which demonstrates its connection to the community you identify with or define you, your belief, your personality, etc. The item can be a sculpture, a functional object/tool, etc. The Object can demonstrate or express feelings of connecting to a particular community (by choice). Students will explore how & why they feel connected. Consider how you can use color, shape, form, texture, and scale to represent these feelings visually. Think of: Creating an object that helps demonstrate what makes us related to the others? How do we develop a sense of community by interacting with others when we feel like it? How can this Object represent our sense of belonging to a community group? Students will conduct written Research and visual observation based on the history of community" development, family structures, personal experience, or any other inspiring community.

Autism is a brain development-related disorder that affects the way a person perceives others and socializes, leading to problems with social interaction and communication. I think this group is neglected by the public because they seldom speak out and are always disadvantaged in society. Because of this, this group needs more attention and protection. Therefore, after a lot of investigation, I decided to take the emotions of Marc Chagall’s painting as inspiration, and at the same time use the elements of butterflies and water plants to create a dreamy romantic but slightly sad emotional style. And mask as a medium, through the mask of the face, express or more inner emotions.