Nyle Watson

Me, Myself, and I

Prompt: The assignment was to make tessellations, and the tessellations were to be our face. We also had to play with color, using different color harmonies.

Ever since I was a child I loved taking photos of people, but as the years progressed I guess I became a little narcissistic and I grew a love for photographing myself. Taking images of myself was so beneficial to my confidence, I always felt like the little mixed boy who never fit in, but when I would take Images I felt so powerful.Taking photos of myself gave me this rush of confidence because the moment that image is captured, the result is something beautiful and creative and it is an exact representation of me. I love photography because for the moments that you are viewing a piece you are taken into a different world and it’s almost like the real world falls away. When making these tessellations something about it came so naturally. As I arranged and edited the photos I was going through alot emotionally in my life and as you view these tessellations, I feel that some of my different emotions are displayed through them. I have a very hard time enjoying color, that’s just the minimalist in myself, but this time I went completely out of my comfort zone and felt so free with color. These compositions are Me they are Myself and they are I. Everything I do, I put a little piece of my heart in, I hope you get taken away from the world for just a moment when viewing these images.

– X, Nyle