Olivia Hu

My Perception

Class of: 2024

Major: Illustration BFA

Medium: Digital Art

Faculty: Rachel P. Youens

Prompt: For my assignment, I created a self-portrait of myself and a self-portrait for my partner, including text and visual elements.

In this project, my partner and I exchanged information about our lives and ideas. We shared three photos every day on an Instagram account of things we like, have, or do. We each came up with ten questions to interview each other about our philosophy on life, career path, fears, etc. We also traded museum artwork that we like. In this piece, I want to demonstrate my inspirations, perception of art/life, and what de nes me as a person. Most of this piece is composed of artworks that I appreciate from the museums that I visited with my partner. Part of the text I chose to put in “My Perception” is related to my identity and culture. The Chinese words include “love,” “happiness,” and my name. However, those texts in Chinese are in English as well, revealing both sides of my identity. My text also includes “parsons” and “future” to show my current path. I put “art comes in many forms” because that is what I genuinely believe. Art can be so many things, and it does not have to be a painting to be called art.