Olivia Lasa


Class of: 2024

Major: Fine Arts BFA

Medium: Charcoal and Illustrator

Faculty: Susan Cottle Alberto

Prompt: We were assigned to draw a self-portrait of ourselves with charcoal. After this was completed, we used it as a template for a deeper study of the planes of the head, color theory and volume using Illustrator. We had to produce a series of portraits: naturalistic, split complementary and master palette inspired.

I used the charcoal drawing of myself as a template for a series of Illustrator digital drawings. It was one of my  first times using Illustrator and experimenting with bold colors I would not usually put together. I explored different palettes and tried to build interesting compositions with the planes of the head, complementary colors and warm and cold colors. For the Master Palette inspired drawing, I used the palette applied in the painting ‘My Wife and I, at the Second Bell’ which is a vivid and sort of abstract painting by Hendra Gunawan. With these digital pieces, I learned more about using Illustrator, the volume of the head and working with color theory.