Peiran Dong

It is red

Class of: 2025

Major: Illustration BFA

Medium: Fabric

Faculty: Diane Dwyer

Prompt: This assignment is the final project for Integrative Studio, we were given the free theme for our last project in this semester and in this project, I focused on the feelings that color red brings to me.

This project is based on a neighborhood survey we did previously in class to  nd trends in our neighborhood. What I observed was that people in my neighborhood tend to wear red pieces, probably because of the holidays. Therefore, I used this research to expand on what the color red itself implies. I think color traditionally is coded as a symbol, but also translated into simple psychology, people can feel good or bad through the same color, for example they can feel both passion or aggression through the color red. In this work I chose to use embroidery instead of pen and paper to create a series of images to express to the viewer what the color red means to me through what I’ve experienced in my life.