Phuong Dang


Class of: 2026

Major: Product Design BFA

Medium: Laser cut and spray painted acrylic plexiglass

Faculty: Alaiyo Bradshaw

Prompt: We have the opportunity for our final project to explore our creative freedom, allowing us to choose any topic and utilize the necessary resources in the making center labs. Our project aims to delve into the theme of Antipathy or Admiration, offering a unique perspective on these emotions.

TO MY BROTHER is a project that aims to create a personalized chessboard reflecting my brother’s love for the game and our shared memories. Designed in a modern classic style, the chessboard utilizes plexiglass material, ensuring a semi-zero-waste design. The chess pieces are intricately designed to fit perfectly on the board, allowing for easy storage and travel. The project captures the theme of Antipathy and Admiration within our sibling relationship. While disagreements, the chessboard serves as a testament to overcoming our differences. It symbolizes our shared love and the special bond we have, emphasizing the importance of our relationship beyond conflicts. At the same time, the chessboard represents my deep admiration and appreciation for my brother. Witnessing his achievements and personal growth, I crafted a gift tailored to his passion for chess. This project celebrates his remarkable qualities and honors the cherished moments we have shared as siblings. The chessboard features black and white squares with a glossy finish, contributing to a clean and modern aesthetic. The chess pieces are designed with a gold finish, aligning with the modern classic style. Laser cutting the plexiglass material posed a challenge, requiring precise measurements to ensure a perfect fit. The pieces were spray painted in gold, creating a visually striking appearance. Finally, all components were meticulously assembled and glued together. In summary, this project encapsulates the profound bond between my brother and me, transcending moments of antipathy and highlighting admiration. The personalized chessboard reflects his love for the game while serving as a symbolic expression of our connection and shared memories.