Qizhe Chen

Bubble Distancing

Class of: 2023

Major: Strategic Design and Management BBA

Medium: Installation

Faculty: Robert Hickman

Prompt: For this assignment, we were asked to create a portable space that you will inhabit for one continuous hour. I must be able to fit within the space entirely and be separated from the outside world by a membrane.

Professor Hickman especially emphasized concepts of being able to live in and portability. After the professor showed us how did previous students do for this project, I was inspired by their perspective and the sense of narrative. Additionally, the word membrane sparkled to me. Therefore, I decided to take an inflatable approach, and the idea was to create a sense of being trapped in the air-tide and isolating structure, a structure left me with no other connection to the outside world but a tube which feeds me oxygen. A metaphoric piece that I thought would be a great analogy of the current social-distancing situation. Bearing the narrative in my mind, I also wrote two mini-paragraph expressing my feeling, one written when I spent 20 minutes inside the structure and the other one at 40 minutes.