Rachel Joo


Class of: 2024

Major: Fine Arts BFA

Medium: Paper, posca marker, pen, glue

Faculty: Anastasia Aukeman

Prompt: In this project “Artist's Book” we were given the opportunity to create a book with whatever topic we had in mind.

This particular assignment required us to create an artist’s book of any sort with an attached literature piece. As I love poetry and the nuances of words, I decided that I wanted to combine the intricacies of poetry into my artist’s book to juxtapose the two distinct definitions offered by the word realized. I chose to use the meander book as the vehicle for my creative intention so that it can, like the definition of realize, serve two important purposes to stand up in distinct form and to read as a plain book. In my seminar class, I learned how important form was and how much it contributed to overall meaning and depth. Thus, I paid very careful attention to how the meander book was going to stand and represent the unraveling of the poem.

The poem delves into the different definitions that the word realized provides. The first and most common meaning to become aware of something and the second one, which is not as known, to bring into concrete existence. The poem and the artist’s book go through the mundane day of a person’s life as they scroll through social media and diverge at the crux of the demonstration where one shows a lackadaisical approach and the other a more active one. I mainly focused on emphasizing the dichotomous nature of the word realized by integrating poetry into my meander book.