Ran Zhang

Be Resilient

Class of: 2025

Major: Illustration BFA

Medium: Wearable

Faculty: Tamar Samir

Prompt: Interview an assigned partner and learn about their fears, fascinations and obsessions and in what ways they would like to feel more resilient in Seminar. Then design a wearable piece to support your classmate's resilience in Studio. Don't use any traditional sewing techniques.

The fear of the partner I interviewed is aging, insects, and crowded places. And his fascination is psychology and the unknown future. I also learned from the interview that he was an introvert who liked to be quiet with headphones. Thus, I chose “Renascence, metamorphosis (insect)” as my theme. I decided to design a wearable that can inspire my partner to look at his fears from a different perspective. Specifically, instead of warning him not to be immersed in a pessimistic view and lament the shortness of life, I wish my wearable can bring encouragement to him, and inspire him to look forward to the excitement and brilliance that a limited life can be. In a way, a positive attitude will strengthen his confidence and composure in the face of difficulties and his fears. The basic concept for this project is to integrate the ideas of “butterfly’s beauty and its short life cycle”, “human’s consciousness and mental development”, and “introvert’s private space and self-recovery”. It’s designed as a semi-open hood, and a headcover. It not only serves as a defense to keep out the vulgarity and hostility from the crowded society but also leaves you a private space of tranquility for self-recovery. Just as life transforms into cocoons, preparing for the moment of glamorous, under appearances, our inner selves are also evolving through constant self-reflection.