Rishita Rajneesh Mehta

Trash Can't

Class of: 2024

Major: Product Design BFA

Medium: Digital Graphics

Faculty: Michele Laporte

Prompt: The final project - 'My Project' was a chance for the students to pick and dive deeper into one of the problems we learnt about and design a way to provide a solution

India is battling with several problems which have had grave effects on the country, the people and the planet. Waste management, pollution, and emission control, pesticide overuse, contamination of lands, food wastage is just a few to name. I think the root of all these problems is lack of awareness and ignorance of our future. My project aims to try and help take a small step to curb this situation by educating the citizens about an ecofriendly, easy solution – composting. I designed a compost bin for my country’s little planteers. A fun way to learn and change. Kids can compost with their mums and dads, and build a sustainable routine. Trash Can’t Pollute the Earth.