Runtao Xiao

The 2020

Prompt: This project is designed for commemorating this special year. 2020 become a tough and unique year because of COVID-19. I try to make a contrast between myself and the doll. I create several scenes with some tools to emphasize these differences. Glove, mask, injector become the elements to imply the theme of this object. I photoshop my eye with a vacuous vision to express the feeling when I stay at home during the epidemic. The doll’s scene represents the illusion of mine during the quarantine. These joyful scenes are the things that I want to do during this tough period.

The inspiration for this work comes from Bernard Faucon. 2020 is a special year. We all experienced a tough period this year. Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people can only stay at home and live repeated and humdrum life. I will pay tribute to Bernard Faucon and express my content with dolls. I will describe this year from two perspectives. The dolls represent my expectations for life during the epidemic. My perspective will reflect what I experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic. I named this work as The 2020. This is a special 2020. It is an irreplaceable and unique year.