Ruowen Li

Create a Room – Living Room

Class of: 2026

Major: Communication Design BFA

Medium: Audio

Faculty: John Roach

Prompt: My objective and ambition for this project are that I can make it realistic enough that the listener feels as if they are there when they put on the headphones. I stacked various sounds on top of each other to imitate those noises that we don’t hear in real life, such as room tone and the change of space as the main character moves, in order to replicate the sensation of space. With this project, I not only got adept in the use of Au software but also obtained a greater knowledge of the environment we live in. For example, the propagation of sound, and how to simulate the sound of objects from different geographical locations. The most difficult task was definitely finding the perfect sound in a restricted sound library because sometimes I couldn’t get the most acceptable sound and had to substitute another comparable sound, but it was a really creative and fun process. Adjusting the surround location of the sound was easy for me because I had sketched it before generating the audio, thus I had some reference for the position of the sound.

It’s a space filled with an overwhelming sensation of loneliness. On a rainy day, a lady living alone pulled her exhausted body out of the elevator of her apartment, an old, damp flat with concrete flooring and insufficient sound insulation. She can’t help but sigh as she hears the couple next door bickering again. She pulled out her key and entered the old door, and discovered the window she had left open when she left the home. The rain continued to fall through the glass, and she moaned as she stepped on the wet floor and closed the window. She tried to take a break for a sip of water, but she knocked against the corner of the table, and all the glasses and cans on the table spilled to the floor. She crouched, but she couldn’t stop her tears from pouring, and she sobbed, engulfed by her anguish.