Seung Jun Sim

Natural Common Hibiscus Cleans Our Hand

Class of: 2023

Major: Product Design BFA

Medium: Soap / combination of multiple media

Faculty: Jamie Kruse

Prompt: For this project, our class aimed to make a product or DIY activity that is sustainable. The majority of products that are produced recently are not sustainable or contains harmful elements directly towards our body.

Among many products we daily use, I came up to make a natural soap that is both sustainable and healthy for our bodies. When using natural soap, it gives a positive effect on skin and could be made whenever people want as long as they have the materials.

While working on this project, I have used Chinese traditional medical plants and the Korean National flower to get a final result. The different color of soap has a different effect on the human body depending on their medical function. For example, Houttuynia cordata powder contains the elements of antiallergic drugs, antibiotics, and antivirus. With these elements, Houttuynia cordata is also used as an ointment contemporary. It helps cells to activate much faster and allows them to prevent skin aging and damaged skin. The polygonum tinctorium makes blood cleaner and allows the body temperature to go down. Therefore this element is mostly used by people who contain communicable diseases on the skin. Lastly, prickly pear is effective to use when people get skin trouble often.

The color of brown is Houttuynia cordata, pink is Prickly Pear, and blue came from Polygonum tinctorium.