Shiqi Xu

Paperclip sandals

Class of: 2022

Major: Fashion Design BFA

Medium: Leather, paperclip

Faculty: Linnea Paskow

Prompt: Use laser cut to make shoes for partner based on the interview with her.

For this project, I should design a pair of shoes based on an interview with my partner Vicky. She mentioned that she always wore princess saddles with shining decorations when she was in her first and second grade. She no longer prefer cute and princess style as she group up. According to that, I designed a white saddles with shining paper clips decorated for her. Then, I went to Laser Lab and cut my chosen fabric, leather. It was my first time using laser cut machine, so everything was confusing. However, I learned a lot through that process, including how to set an illustration file, how to settle a machine, and how to choose a suitable fabric. Finally, I hand-sewed each part together, and used hot-glue to stick the shoe sole. I am really happy and satisfied with the final outcome and the process of working in laser lab.