Shiyao Wu


Class of: 2024

Major: Communication Design BFA

Medium: Video and presentation

Faculty: Seminar: Cynthia Elmas / Studio: Adrienne Reynolds

Prompt: This project is based on the research of the topic that I chose in my seminar course. My topic is the Surrealism: Salvador Dalí. The purpose for my research on my topic is to explore how the concept of Dalí’s surrealist influences the subconscious mind in fashion and design. Dalí’s use of various daily life elements question the meaning of reality in design that influences the subconscious mind. Therefore, the theme for my studio project is subconscious. Based on the project’s main theme, I did a little more extend on it. I combined both subconscious world and the reality in my studio project.

The video is about my subconscious mind in the world of dreams. Myself in reality and myself in the subconscious world are totally two different people. We have very different outfits and makeup compared to each other. However, no matter how much I like being the person in my subconscious world, I can’t be the person in my subconscious world in essence. The surroundings all prevent me from being myself in a subconscious world. Even though I try to stay in my subconscious world, I will still be pulled back to reality. Ice, mirror, and transparent things are the three important elements in my video. Mirror represents my subconscious world; Glass and transparent things are the reflections of reality; Ice is the connection point of the real world and the subconscious world.