Sofia Yu

Flesh Ball Sex Object

Class of: 2027

Major: Integrated Design BFA

Medium: Textile Sculpture (Fabric, Wire and Poly Fill)

Faculty: Danielle Pomorski

Prompt: Create a soft sculpture.

This work is a soft sculpture that centers around objectification. With the prompt of “create a soft sculpture,” it felt like a wonderful opportunity to pursue this concept. Inspired by a conversation with my roommate on the universal experience of harassment, I wanted to explore what male perception of the female body can look like. Where does the boundary between femininity and sex object lie? At what point in our interactions are we simply dehumanized? This is my take on what the so-called ideal “woman” is. Made of fabric scraps and created with a mix of machine and hand stitching, the visible stitches convey how fabricated this societal idealization of women can feel like.