Sofia Yu

American Instant Noodles

Class of: 2027

Major: Integrated Design BFA

Medium: Sculpture (3D Collage)

Faculty: Michelle Nahum-Albright

Prompt: Create a "fake" collage using images of "fake" objects, surroundings and people from your own life and NYC.

With the concept of “Fake” in mind, I wanted to create something tangible and surprising. The idea of “fake food” was a concept that really stood out to me when thinking about the concept of fake, particularly because food and its “naturalness” is a big consideration that my family hammered into me growing up. I chose the main subject of my concept to be instant noodles, because after a certain point, instant noodles themselves are fake noodles. The powders and toppings create artificial flavors, I thought it would be fun to play on that and push the fakeness of noodles further, by creating an illusion of noodles through the use of other images. I was inspired by those perfect images of food in advertisements, and physical displays of model food. Images of plastic hands form the illusion of noodles, and Trump bobbleheads look like bits of bright orange shrimp. Additionally, the chopsticks floating were inspired by those aforementioned physical displays of model food. It’s unnatural, and as unappetizing as a real bowl of instant noodles.