Stephanie Huang

Personal Symbol 2D to 3D

Class of: 2024

Major: Interior Design BFA

Medium: Model

Faculty: Natalia Zubko

Prompt: For this project, we developed symbols that represent us as well as how people perceive us and extrude our 2D design to a 3D model using linear and planer materials without tape and glue.

The 3D extruded model combined two symbols designs, calm and independent, which gives off a neat and orderly vibe. Hence, my model consists of clean lines and connections. The triangle in the middle curves its line to the top creates a guide that leads to the tip of the model. All the planes pointing to the top symbolize my independence. It shows that I go over the top of my schedule with a clear mind and con dence. The middle line cut the pyramid in half with a straight line and folds down to the bottom of the model. It represents my calmness. It creates a pause between the planes that eventually shows that before reaching the top of self-reliant, pause and think and sometimes turn around the steps to reach my goal.