Surali Sangesh Dalal

Golf For All

Class of: 2025

Major: Communication Design BFA

Medium: A combination of multiple media- website and a presentation

Faculty: Alison Schuettinger

Prompt: The Service Design project asks you to solve a real-world problem utilizing systems and design thinking. Your job is to create a sustainable design solution for something that is currently unsustainable. In this process, you are working with a real partner (someone to collaborate with) or user (someone who directly benefits), that could be a local business (ex: tea company), non-profit (ex: Parley), or a group of individuals (ex: people who struggle with anxiety) to create a product that serves a specific need while addressing a larger unsustainable issue.

The idea for my final service design project roots from my passion for golf. I have been playing competitively as well as for recreation since the past five years, so it has become an integral part of my life. When I was provoked to think about an unsustainable problem that I would like to solve, the environmental, economical and social unsustainablily of the golf industry was the first thing that struck me. As a solution to the problems listed in the info graph, I decided to create an organisation called Golf For All. It is a New York City based organization which aims at revolutionizing the gol ng industry through several initiatives and programs. One of the initiatives is the Equipment Recycling Program which aims at collecting used equipment which golfers would throw away and recycling or reusing it through a specific mechanism. The organisation has also published a guide book called Sustainability in Golf, which is a comprehensive guide which is packed with useful information that can be applied on a case-by-case basis to any set of environmental issues on any golf course.