Sydney Henry

I Am Estranged

Class of: 2023

Major: Architectural Design BFA

Medium: a combination of media

Faculty: Gyun Hur

Prompt: Reflect on the feelings, emotions, opinions, and experiences that have occurred during the pandemic.

I feel foreign to the outside world. I no longer connected with the world outside my home that I had once connected with prior to the pandemic. I feel that I am no longer myself in that I am just a vessel aimlessly wondering about. I am like a spirit who is still present in the world but does not have a purpose to the world. The piece is a head garment constructed from old dryer sheets. The dryer sheets demonstrate the idea of a home and the inside of such a home. I wear the sheets on my head as I am surrounded by the inside and have very little interaction with nature and the outside world. Too, the head garment portrays the notion of a spirit. My feelings through this current pandemic are reflected through the piece.