Tia Rüst

Mahala Mango

Class of: 2027

Major: Strategic Design and Management BBA

Medium: Writing

Faculty: Sophie Dess

Prompt: PROFILE GUIDE ● Begin IN SCENE. If you can be in-person with your subject, describe a scene from your meeting. If you can only be on the phone with a subject, have them describe to you where they are in the world, in great detail, and transform this into your own words. If you cannot do either of these, describe a scene in which you have witnessed the person (in-person or on Youtube or otherwise). Whatever it takes START IN SCENE. ● Personal history... include quotes... HOW DID IT ALL START. “XYZ became interested in art/ music/design/technology at this age...” (only less boring than that) ● Evidence of their success OR FAILURE ● Back to modern moment... back in scene. ● What is NEXT for this person? What would they like to do? Dess: “My intention was/is to get you to interrogate your peer's memory and perhaps various sources of inspiration, and, now -- in writing -- to work on organizing information and to find a sense of voice and concision in your writing.”

This writing is a profile done on Noelle Ulloa. It dissects my interview on her, going from a place of knowing nothing about her to figuring out her goals and inspirations.